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Welcome to my small corner of the web!

What is this website meant for?

It is meant for me to have a place to write about things I am interested in. I will talk about programming, Unix, hacking, express some of my opinions and talk about what I am up to.

Apart from that, I want this website to be an example of a simple yet good looking website, free of complicated backend and JavaScript.

Why is it called "Yoda's Hut"?

Because Yoda is what I base of pseudonyms I use when online on. My most common pseudonyms are "c is a holy language", "The Holy C", "lego yoda" and "comrade yoda". I just want my pseudonym be something stupid and bland. Not something recognizable, yet not skiddish like "H4XX0R123" or "Anonymous1337" because that is how you end up on r/masterhacker.

Important note

This website design is taken from